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4 options for running a card sort

This morning I eavesdropped a conversation between Amy Worley (@worleygirl) and The SemanticWill™ (@semanticwill) on “the twitters“.

Aside from recommending two books by Donna Spencer (@maadonna), I asked Nicole Kaufmann, one of the friendly consultants at Optimal Usability, if she had any advice for Amy about reorganising 404 books into categories that make more sense.

I don’t know Amy’s email address and this is much too long for a tweet. In any case I thought it might be helpful for someone else too so here’s what Nicole had to say:

In general I would recommend having at least three sources of information (e.g. 1x analytics + 1 open card sort + 1 tree test, or 2 card sorts + 1 tree test) in order to come up with a useful and reliable categorisation structure.

Here are four options for how you could consider approaching it (starting with my most preferred to least preferred):

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

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